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Welcome to our events area. Find out where you are likely to see us over the coming months and read about all our events.

Our organisation hosts national and regional conferences, seminars and workshops supporting all areas of our work. We also attend exhibitions and other events run by external business partners. We want you to learn more about our business and meet key contacts.

Our conferences, seminars and workshops provide a forum for discussion, training and interaction with experts on key areas of our work.

You can also access resources and information about our past events.


Browse our calendar to find events at which we're speaking, as well as events we are running, sponsoring, or attending.

April 2014
Sun| Mon| Tue| Wed| Thu| Fri| Sat
NTS Requirements Workshop - London
Starting on 02 Apr 14 at 09:00 for 8 hours
The HSCIC are holding a second workshop to gather requirements for the new NTS system.
Consultation on changes to Quarterly Improving Access to Psychological Therapies reports
Starting on 12 Mar 14 at 11:33 for 40 days until 11:33 on 20 Apr 14
Statistics Products Survey
Starting on 14 Apr 14 at 12:09 for 8 weeks until 12:08 on 02 Jun 14
The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) publishes around 200 official statistics publications every year. We want to update our understanding of who is using these publications and for what purposes, and we would like your views on what we can do to improve our products to keep them relevant to you.
Consultation on changes to the Organisation Data Service files
Starting on 17 Mar 14 at 14:06 for 44 days until 14:05 on 29 Apr 14
This consultation invites responses on proposed changes to the Data Interface provided by the Organisation Data Service (ODS).
Closing: Consultation on the output of the Safeguarding Adults Return implemented in 2013-2014
Starting on 21 Apr 14 at 11:50 for 1 day
Closing: Consultation on the output of the Mental Health Act 2005: Deprivation of Liberty Standards Return implemented in 2013-2014
Starting on 21 Apr 14 at 11:51 for 1 day
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