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Indicator Assurance Service

What is the Indicator Assurance Service?

The Indicator Assurance Service supports anyone looking to develop a new national indicator by providing an open and transparent way of assuring indicator methodologies.

Using the service gives you:

  • advice on how robust a proposed methodology is
  • the opportunity to check for similar indicators - saving duplication of effort
  • assurance that the indicator answers the question being posed and is suitable for the intended audience
  • recognition for your indicator through the opportunity to register it in a national library of assured indicators
  • periodic review of the methodology

The national Quality Information Committee (QIC) advises the National Quality Board and has responsibility for governing the development of quality indicators to support improvement of health and care services. The Indicator Assurance Service was commissioned by QIC to promote this aim.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to develop a new national indicator or is seeking assurance in relation to an existing indicator.

How does the process work?

Step one: fill out the application form, which will ask for information about your proposed indicator.

Step two: our experts at the HSCIC will conduct an initial review of the proposed indicator to ensure all the necessary information is there.

Step three: we will work with you to prepare your indicator for appraisal by:

  • Methodology Review Group
  • Peer Review
  • Indicator Governance Board
  • Quality Information Committee

Step four:

You are then ready to begin production. You will receive:

  • an indicator specification, with full details on how to derive the indicator
  • a quality summary

National Library of Assured Indicators

At the end of the assurance process you will have the opportunity to register your indicator in a national library of assured indicators. The library will provide a database of indicator methodologies that have received a final QIC stamp as a nationally approved methodology.

How do I access the service?

To find out more about the Indicator Assurance Process and request an application form please email

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