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Diabetes Data Set


The national clinical director for diabetes is currently undertaking a review of the information required to support effective service delivery and meet the diabetes National Service Framework (NSF) standards.

The data set development project has now closed, and any future development needs will be identified through the review of information needs. The development project produced a number of data sets to support the delivery of the Diabetes NSF in a range of different care settings.

The overarching reference set, the Diabetes Continuing Care Reference data set (DCCR), brings together in one data set the combined monitoring data requirements of four national diabetes work streams:

  • National Diabetes Audit 
  • the diabetes chapter of nGMS QoF
  • the diabetes e-performance management tool
  • the diabetes indicators for the better metrics performance indicator project.

Status of the other diabetes data sets

  • National diabetes audit data set - currently going through the approvals process for an Inherited Operational Standard from the Information Standards Board (ISB).
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Screening data set - currently going through the approvals process for Full Operational Standard approval from ISB This has been approved as a Full Operational Standard (DSCN 19/2007) and is maintained by the National Screening Committee.
  • Diabetes summary core data set - subsumed within the DCCR, this provides the basis of the National Diabetes Audit which is carried out by the National Clinical Audit Support Programme (NCASP). This data set was approved as an inherited standard by the ISB in March 2003.
  • Diabetes user data  set - subsumed within the DCCR, for operational use at local level.
  • Paediatric and adolescent data set - available for operational use at local level.
  • Diabetes foot care data set - available for operational use at local level.


The project was initiated to support the information requirements of the NSF for diabetes, published in 2001 and it also built upon the recommendations of the diabetes information strategy published in 2003.

Project documentation


For any queries relating to the diabetes data sets please contact us at or call our Contact Centre on 0845 300 6016.

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