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Consultation on quality and outcomes framework publications

This consultation has now closed.

22 August 2012: We thank all those who contributed responses to this consultation. Details of the responses and outcomes are available in the following report:

pdf icon Responses to the QOF consultation (PDF) [195kb]

What is this consultation?

A consultation to invite responses to our proposals on merging our Quality and Outcomes Framework publications; Quality and Outcomes Framework Achievement Data and Quality and Outcomes Framework Exception Data.

Why are we having this consultation?

We propose in future to publish Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) Achievement data and Exception data together in one publication, and would like to hear the views of data users on this proposal.


When the QOF started, the Health and Social Care Information Centre was required to publish QOF achievement and prevalence data - which we did in the first report of 2004/05 data in 2005.

Subsequently, users developed an interest in the exceptions data set and for 2005/06 the exceptions data were published in separate report. This model of reporting has been retained ever since, for two reasons:

  1. to fit in with publication timescales; and
  2. because the achievement and prevalence publication was considered the primary report, to be delivered in as timely manner as possible.

This approach was suitable for the initial publications, when there was a high level of public and media interest in these data. As exceptions data was considered a secondary output, it was appropriate to release exceptions data separately, after the publication of the achievement and prevalence data.

For efficiency reasons, we now propose to merge these two separate publications into one single publication.

How to respond

pdf icon Please read the QOF consultation document [391kb] for further details on the proposals.

We're keen to hear the views of all users so please complete the word icon consultation response form. [116kb]

Send your responses by email:

or by post to:

Consultation on QOF publications
Health and Social Care Information Centre
Prescribing and Primary Care Team
4th Floor North, 1 Trevelyan Square
Leeds LS1 6AE

Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond.

How long is the consultation open?

The deadline for responses is 8 May 2012, (8 weeks after opening on 14 March). The closing date will allow us to consider responses and implement resulting changes as part of the publication of the 2012 report(s).

What happens next?

After considering all comments, we will present our final findings in June 2012, well ahead of our next publication in autumn 2012.

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