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New HES Data Interrogation System

The HES (Hospital Episode Statistics) Data Interrogation System (HDIS) allows users to securely access HES, interrogate the data, perform aggregations, statistical analysis, and produce a range of different outputs.

What is it?

HDIS provides registered users with a wide range of analytical functions, including the ability to access, manipulate, interrogate and then report on various full-year datasets including Admitted Patient Care, Outpatients and Accident and Emergency. Also included is the current year to date provisional datasets.

HDIS is provided through a secure portal and allows analysis to be performed on our servers without any local network load.

HDIS provides users with the ability to securely access and interrogate HES data via an internet portal. The service uses a secure Citrix connection and then presents the users with SAS Enterprise Guide as the analytical software tool.

Who is HDIS for?

Access to HDIS is only provided to those personnel who work within the public sector with a specific interest in public health. There is a strict information governance applications process in place to protect and control how the data is managed.

HDIS users currently include the Department of Health, NHS England and Public Health England and users based in Clinical Commissioning Groups, local authorities and healthcare provider organisations.

Is there a charge for HDIS?

We do not charge for the data itself, but we do apply charges to cover the costs of processing and delivering the service.

The charge for HDIS depends on the number of users within the requesting organisation, the type of access and the amount of data required. Please contact us for further information.

How do I register for HDIS?

The HSCIC is currently not accepting new users for HDIS.

Where can I find further information?

For further information please see the pdf icon HDIS information sheet [117kb] or contact a member of the HSCIC enquiries team via email, quoting HDIS in the subject line.

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