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Data Collections Burden Reduction Service

The Data Collections Burden Reduction Service (DCBR) is offering a simple and confidential way to allow data providers to refer data collections they feel would benefit from further scrutiny.

The HSCIC has a statutory role to monitor the "burden" impact of data collections. We take this duty seriously.

Under the Health and Social Care Act 2012, section 265 Advice or Guidance, the HSCIC has enhanced responsibilities to reduce the number of data returns and collections which pass through the NHS by acting as a gateway to those collecting or seeking to collect data. We have developed the DCBR service as a direct response to this.   

The DCBR service has been developed to help make sure that information demands on the NHS are minimised and are not duplicated.

We welcome information about good practice, which you think warrants sharing more widely. Examples could include collections which may be considered no longer necessary, where the burden of work may be perceived to outweigh the benefits of the collection, or where an organisation feels they are being asked to submit the same data a number of times.   

Each referral we get will receive an objective and reliable evaluation of the data by looking at its quality and suitability of collection and value to the NHS.

If you or your organisation would like to refer a data collection please complete the attached form.  To ensure we deal with your referral efficiently please complete as many of the fields as possible (including as much of the following information as possible).

Following your referral a member of the team will reply within 2 working days.

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