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Clinical Commissioning Group Outcomes Indicator Set (CCG OIS)

The CCG Outcomes Indicator Set provides clear, comparative information for CCGs about the quality of health services and the associated health outcomes.

The indicators measure outcomes at CCG level to help inform priority setting and drive local improvement. The areas covered by the indicators contribute to the five domains of the NHS Outcomes Framework. The CCG OIS does not set thresholds or levels of ambition.

HSCIC works in partnership with NHS England and NICE on the development of the indicator set. The NICE CCG OIS Advisory Committee considers the suitability of a range of indicators and makes recommendations to NHS England who decide on the final set of indicators to be used.

HSCIC develops, tests and assures the methods for each indicator; we will be calculating the indicators and publishing the data. Specifications and quality statements for each indicator will be made available as part of our library of quality assured indicators. The range of data sources being used for the indicators means that some can be calculated quarterly whilst others can only be calculated annually.

We will be publishing the data for the indicators via our Indicator Portal, please see the CCG Indicators section.

The Clinical Commissioning Groups OIS Publication Schedule provides details of the current indicators, the data sources and their expected publication dates. Please note that this may be subject to change dependent on data availability. All indicators included within the CCG OIS are based on the English CCGs. These are listed in the CCG reference file.

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