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Smoking Status at Time of Delivery Collection

ROCR Licence: ROCR/OR/2223/001MAND

Frequency: Quarterly


Background to the collection

The Smoking Status at Time of Delivery (SATOD) collection covers information on the number of women smoking and not smoking at time of delivery (child birth). You are required to submit figures each quarter from the following:

1. Number of maternities

2. Number of women known to be smokers at the time of delivery

3. Number of women known to be non-smokers at the time of delivery 

4. Number of women whose smoking status was not known at the time of delivery  

Launch and submission dates




Submission Deadline

2014-15 Q11 April 2014 - 30 June 20141 July 201422 July 2014
2014-15 Q21 July 2014 - 30 September 20141 October 201424 October 2014
2014-15 Q31 October 2014 - 31 December 20142 January 201526 January 2015
2014-15 Q41 January 2015 - 31 March 20151 April 201528 April 2015

From 2014-15, revisions will not be accepted as part of this collection. Please therefore ensure that data are entered accurately according to the submission dates. 

Validating your data

In previous years some data in the quarterly publication 'Statistics on women's smoking status at time of delivery: England' have been suppressed if it did not pass certain data quality checks. From 2013-14 all data will be published with an accompanying data quality table showing the percentage of maternities where smoking status is "not known" (by CCG). This should maximise the usefulness of the data whilst also encouraging improvements in data quality by highlighting any areas that may have issues. CCGs should aim to keep the percentage of maternities where smoking status is "not known" to below 5 per cent.

You are advised to read the amended guidance to familiarise yourself with the new requirements of the collection.

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