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NHS e-Referral Service

Making paperless referrals a reality

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On 15th June 2015 a new NHS e-Referral Service will be launched to replace the current Choose and Book service. It is being developed using feedback from patients and NHS professionals, and will use enhanced technology to deliver even greater benefits.

The new electronic referral service will improve the quality of the referral experience for patients and better support current and future business processes for clinicians and administrative staff.

In so doing, it will help create a more patient-centred, people-powered service, making the NHS much easier to do business with, and supporting the drive towards paperless referrals and a paperless NHS by 2018.

A short animation which explains our visions for a new service

Video: visions for a new service

Vision principles

  • The new NHS e-Referral Service will improve patient outcomes, user experiences and support the drive to a future paperless NHS referral system.
  • The new service will build upon the benefits and successes of the Choose and Book system, acknowledging its failures (both real and perceived) and lessons learned.
  • There will no longer be a mixed economy of paper and electronic referrals.
  • The needs of patients and professionals will be foremost in designing the new service, which will include support for enhanced functionality and usability.

pdf icon Read the full NHS e-Referral Service Vision [1Mb]

What might an NHS e-Referral Service look like in the future?

The needs of patients and professionals will be foremost in designing the new service, which will include support for enhanced functionality and usability. Click an image below to find out more information.

Integration and Usability

A more intuitive system with a modern look and feel that will support the seamless transfer of referral information from GP clinical systems into provider systems. Read more on Integration and Usability

Referral Management

Enhanced Advice and Guidance functionality and Clinical Request Templates supporting clinical decisions. Commissioners driven Referral Assessment Services. Read more on Referral Management

Any to Any

Consultants able to make tertiary and onward referrals and commissioners being able to assign referrer rights to groups of clinicians and practitioners. Read more on Any to Any

Linked Appointments

Ability to link appointments in a care pathway to ensure all take place in a pre-determined order. Read more on Linked appointments

Follow-up Appointments

Patients able to choose and book their own follow-up appointments electronically along with alert/reminder advising them when to book. Read more on Follow-up appointments

Self Referral

Commissioning organisations able to determine services that are appropriate to accept self-referrals from patients. Patients able to refer themselves into services. Read more on Self referral

Enhanced Reporting

A rich reporting function that provides easy access to referral and booking data in meaningful formats. Read more on Enhanced reporting

Electronic Communications

Use of modern technology - mobile phone Apps, e-mails, text reminders etc. to support different ways of communicating appointment-related information to patients and system alerts to professional users. Read more on Electronic communications

What have we heard so far?

Since 2004 over 40 million referrals from GP to first outpatient appointments have been made using Choose and Book and the service is used to refer around 40,000 patients every day.

We have been looking at the possibilities for a new solution and have been out and about in the NHS asking users and patients about their experiences and aspirations of what an ideal NHS e-Referral Service might look like in the future.

We have talked to a range of stakeholders, including Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), referrers (GPs), service provider organisations and, of course, patients. So far we have spoken to more than 2,500 stakeholders and they have told us about some of the functionality they would like to see from a future NHS e-Referral Service. To find out what we've heard so far and how to get involved in the development of the new service visit our getting involved page.

What will we do with information?

The feedback we have received so far has helped to shape the new NHS e-Referral Service. We have gained a greater understanding of user requirements and the information will allow us to prioritise proposed functionality for the future.

As we continue to engage with a variety of stakeholders, we will feedback into plans for the electronic referral service, ensuring that it meets user needs and is a reflection of what users have told us that they want.

We will continue to engage and feedback as the new service develops.

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