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General Practice Extraction Service (GPES)

The General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) is a centrally managed service that collects information from general practice (GP) clinical systems for a wide range of purposes. It also forms part of the process for providing payments to GPs.

GPES is the only national service for extracting data from patient records held in GP systems across England. It's owned and managed for the NHS by HSCIC. 

GPES can help improve patient care by making sure information on GP systems in England can be accessed and used efficiently. The information GPES collects supports a diverse range of services and initiatives aimed at improving the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness.

GPES can help:

  • improve screening for serious conditions like cancer so treatment is given as quickly as possible
  • improve the provision of health care for vulnerable and disadvantaged people
  • increase understanding of major public health issues, like flu epidemics, so services can be delivered to those who need them most

For benefits of current GPES data extractions see GPES customer. For more information see background to GPES and types of data extracted or contact us.

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