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NHS Comparators

Free comparative analysis for commissioners and providers.

What is NHS Comparators?

NHS Comparators is an analytical service for commissioners and providers. It helps improve the quality of care delivered by benchmarking and comparing activity and costs on a local, regional and national level. NHS Comparators pulls together:

  • activity and costed data through the Payment by Results (PbR) tariff from the Secondary Uses Service (SUS)
  • information from The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF)
  • GP practice demographic population profile data

There are around 200 comparators, many of which can be broken down by programme budget category or grouped speciality. In addition, there are specific comparators relating to:

  • accident and emergency
  • maternity
  • mental health
  • long-term conditions
  • prescribing
  • GP survey
  • QOF

Log on to NHS Comparators (external).

Benefits of NHS Comparators

Easy to access and understand, the service is a valuable resource to all health professionals, not just information specialists:

  • investigate comparative access rates and performance at aggregate level by GP practice, PCT level, provider level or above
  • view suggestions for interpretation of high or low values for each comparator
  • access support via the online demos and knowledge base

Although local knowledge is needed for interpretation, the data in NHS Comparators may indicate areas where activity or clinical practice is out of line with peers - highlighting possible quality of care implications or areas where there are potential cost savings to be made. NHS Comparators looks at a whole range of activity: in-patient, outpatient and disease-specific:, so commissioners can use the service to identify and investigate differences in referral and access rates to secondary care in terms of costs, and activity providers can use the service to benchmark their performance on a range of local and national comparators.

In addition, our Payment by Results indicators allow you to identify where you may be able to improve coding to increase income.

Start using NHS Comparators

NHS Comparators is free to NHS organisations. Register for NHS Comparators (external)

Still not sure? Take a look at a demo of NHS Comparators (external).

As part of the HSCIC's plans to deliver a new Indicator Portal, we will be decommissioning the N3 (NWW) Comparator site on 21 March 2014. N3 only users have had their access rights transferred to the www site. We would encourage you to start using and bookmark the site before 21 March 2014.

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