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The national provider of information, data and IT systems for health and social care

Looking after your health and care information

We are developing this section of the website and will be adding more content over the coming months.

The HSCIC is the national body responsible for collecting information about treatments and care from across health and social care.


Some of the information that is recorded by health and care professionals about your care and treatment is sent securely to us by the organisations that deliver this care. This information is not used to support your direct care. If you are interested in how information in your record is used to support your care, you can find out more about the summary care record or ask at your GP Practice about your local health record.

We recognise that the information we collect relates to individuals and we have responsibility to look after that information carefully. We also have a responsibility to share information responsibly to:

  • support the effective running of health and social care services,
  • ensure those responsible for making decisions about the future of health and care delivery can do so based on evidence,
  • support those carrying out research studies that will benefit future care and treatment.

Much of our work from the information we receive is published to this website and includes reports and statistics. We also provide facts and figures to patients when they are making choices about their healthcare. We provide information to organisations who go through an application process to show that they will use the information to support the provision of health and social care or the promotion of health. We charge the organisations who receive the information a fee to cover our costs for preparing and supplying it; this includes our staff time for ensuring it is in the right format and that all the correct approvals and security are in place for the organisation receiving the data. The money we receive is put back into the HSCIC to support the running of the organisation.

You can find out more details about all of this including the choices available to you about the sharing of information about you this in this section of the website.

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