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1939 Register Service

What is the 1939 Register Service?

The 1939 Register Service (cost recovery) enables you to request data held on the 1939 Register for England and Wales, as recorded on 29 September 1939.

What data will be provided?

Data will be provided only where the individual is recorded as deceased (or where clear evidence of death can be provided by the applicant) and will include;

  • National Registration number
  • Address
  • Surname
  • First Forename
  • Other Forename(s)/Initial(s)
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Marital Status
  • Occupation

Is any other data available?

If you wish to request additional information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, please email or contact us using the postal address below, marking the letter for the Higher Information Governance Officer (Southport).

How do I apply?

Please complete the three-part application form below and send a printed, signed copy along with payment for £42, made payable to Health and Social Care Information Centre (do not send cash) to;

The Health and Social Care Information Centre
The 1939 Register Team
Smedley Hydro Rm B108
Trafalgar Road
Birkdale Southport

Once the 1939 Register Team has embarked on a search no monies will be refunded, even if a search is unsuccessful.

pdf icon 1939 Register Service Application Form [266kb]

How long will the search take?

We will aim to provide a full response within 20 working days.

Please read our terms and conditions before making your application

1. The 1939 National Registration Transcript Books are a record of the civilian population of England & Wales as at 29 September 1939. The books are arranged in National Registration Number order and are based on the actual whereabouts of individuals on the night concerned. Thus, if an individual was not at his/her usual place of residence, e.g. in hospital or at a hotel, he/she will not appear at that address in the books.

2. Data will be provided, as recorded on the 29 September 1939, only where the individual is now recorded as deceased. Where an individual is not recorded as being deceased, the information will not be disclosed unless the applicant can produce clear evidence which establishes that a death has taken place.

3. The date of the death notification (if recorded before the commencement of the NHS on 5 July 1948) will only be provided if specifically requested.

4. Once the 1939 Register Team has embarked on a search, no monies will be refunded - even if a search is unsuccessful.

5. The information held by the HSCIC is the original information as recorded in 1939 which is now over 70 years old. As such, a number of entries within the Register are incomplete or illegible due to natural deterioration and disrepair.

6. The HSCIC will do its utmost to provide the requested information when appropriate, but there may be occasions when this is not possible. Therefore, there may be instances where the information provided is the most accurate interpretation of what is recorded.

7. The 1939 Register only includes individuals who were recorded at an address on the 29 September 1939. Therefore, many members of the Armed Forces were not listed as they had already been called up for military service. However, membership of Naval, Military or Air Force Reserves or Auxiliary Forces or of Civil Defence Services, will be provided if collected.

8. The information provided by each household was accepted at face value, therefore there may be instances of inaccurate information being recorded.

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